We aim to inform European citizens about the impact the EU has on your daily lives, inspiring you to engage in EU politics. 


We are a group of young researchers from across Europe, all with an interest in the European Union and its future. We met each other as part of the Europaeum Scholars Programme - a multi-disciplinary initiative that brings together researchers from across Europe. Read more about the programme on the Europaeum website

Steph Haywood is researching philanthropy for her PhD at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She is passionate about EU politics and progress, and how we can work together to secure a more transparent, representative union. Beyond her work, she loves hiking, hill-walking and all things outdoors.

Claudia Hartman is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford. She is interested in social media campaigns and learning more about people's personal experience with different aspects of the EU. She loves cats, debunking EU myths and reading about anything food related. 

Frederik Behre is doing a PhD in European Law at Leiden University. Originally, he is German, but has lived in France, Finland and currently the Netherlands. For him, the EU is about discovering new places, customs, and meeting new people. 

Thomas Gidney was raised in the UK, but has always had strong roots to Europe thanks to his French mother. He is currently working towards becoming a historian; for him, history reveals how closely connected Britain has been to the continent rather than myths about 'splendid isolation'. 

Laura Nordström is a political scientist currently researching lobbying in the Eurozone crisis. Although from and based in Finland, she feels both European and a world citizen having lived in Brussels, Berlin and Montréal. Outside her work, she loves taiji, dancehall, photography, snowboarding and sailing. 

Anna Simbartlová is a PhD candidate at Charles University in Prague. Her academic, as well as personal interests, lie in International Relations & European Union issues. Through her affiliation to the Department of European Studies, she is getting an opportunity to put her enthusiasm into practice in everyday life.

Mladen Grgic is a PhD candidate at the University of Pompeu Fabra. He covers the fields of international economy and international relations. He is interested in how different economic systems shape societies. Besides that, he loves sailing, sport and whiskey. 


You&EU is in no way affiliated with the European Parliament, the European Commission, or any political party.


Read about our campaign success and the recommendations we make in our Campaign Report.

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