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Travelling – a cautionary tale of a young Montenegrin entrepreneur

I don’t think I will make it. Wait, I will. Definitely, I will… No, I won’t. No, I won’t, definitely, I won’t. I should ask someone to let me pass in front. But there are 100 people to ask. Let me ask, at least one person...

“Excuse me, I have a flight in 40 min, could you be so kind as to let me move ahead?”

“ I have the flight as well, and mine is in 50, I am sorry, and I am not sure I will catch it. But don’t worry, they will give you the next flight?”

Yep, but my tickets are not connected. And there are no direct flights in the next two days.”

“ Oh, I see, please go ahead. At least you move ahead one place.”

“Thank you so much. You are so kind.”

I have an extra minute. No, no, no, they are closing one counter. The check in desk changed? Now they are all closed. No. I continue asking people in front if they would let me move forward…

“Excuse me, sir, could you be so kind as to let me before you, as my flight is in 40 minutes?”

“ Sorry, I am in the same situation.”

Rome, oh beautiful Rome, why are you so cruel to me, whenever I fly through your busy airport... There is always a queue, always a hassle. My friends are having a coffee, and I am in line. Waiting.

Well, they are EU citizens, and I am not…

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