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You & EU Institutions: A Blog Series

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Do you have a say in the EU?

The European Union. What a puzzle, right? Do you sometimes ask yourself: how on Earth can I influence such a big international body that impacts my everyday life? Well, believe it or not – it happens on an everyday basis.

You may argue: But it is so complicated! You hear about the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, Council of the European Union…, what even is the Council of Europe?!

We absolutely understand your confusion. That's why we have started this new blog series to help clear things up for you. Within this new series, we will provide a brief overview of each of the key EU institutions. These guidelines will help you understand the EU and how it impacts your life, and how you can influence EU matters.

Stay updated!

Once the relevant blog post is published, you will be able to click on it through the links below – or you can find it within the last released blog posts on our blog webpage. (If there is no link yet, that means the blog post is forthcoming and not yet published).

Choose from the following topics to find out more:

The EU impacts your life. So stay tuned with all our blog posts and see in what way, and how

you can have your say in it.

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